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  • Chris Hawkins

    need help i live in Las Vegas my wife took herself and our 9 year old little girl to a shelter we argued and have exchanged bad words to eachother we never cross the line to get physical but our last argument was enough for her to leave it’s been 3 weeks now at midnight last night I get a text from a non contact but the text said it’s her they’re in Reno that the shelter took them there she cried out that her and our daughter wants to come home and that they’re in trouble by making a friend that led them out gave them money and now she owes I could tell she was scared I’m scared I need help reno or vegas police can’t do anything unless I had a address from her I feel like they were being held she said i had to drive from vegas to reno to pay them someone must be able to do something shelters must answer to some help not all men and women are that bad we’re talking about a woman and a little girls lives please please please help they are all I got and they need me and you