Slow Down Reno…

We have had a few fatalities in the first part of 2017, both cars and motorcycles on our roads. Reports from witnesses say that bike was going well over 100mph on city streets… I feel horrible for the family that is left behind but if you are going that fast during heavy traffic, you have to know the potential consequences, you could die or become seriously injured. I’m was riding into work today and some dude in a big construction truck was eating while driving and decided he wanted to be in my line without using a blinker. If I hadn’t revved my engine he would have pushed me all the way to the shoulder where it’s sandy and has very little traction. In my younger years before I got a grip on my temper I would have ripped his side mirror off and thrown it at him… look just be aware of your surroundings, drive and ride within your ability and LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER BEFORE YOU CHANGE LANES! Safe driving tips can be found here.

If you would like to help the wife and three children of this fatal crash here is a link to their GOFUNDME.

Year Round Ski/Snowboarding a possibility???

  • Troy Malone

    Truckers are professional drivers (just ask one). You can tell because they are the only ones doing a safe speed in poor conditions and never get caught by surprise with an 80,000lb vehicle and go careening into slow or stopped traffic from an accident. This is the proof positive way to spot a professional driver.