Corey Taylor- Singer, Songwriter and AUTHOR with his 4th book “America 51”

For those who are NOT Hardcore Corey fans, He has released his 4th book, America 51- A probe into the realities that are hiding inside “The Greatest Country in the World”!

A look at Taylor’s creativly profane point of view of the politicians, citizens, policies and situations that make up this riddle wrapped up in an enigma stuck in a quagmire! Here is an excerpt-

This book started out very different.

It started out with a disclaimer about the dangers of foisting a despot like Donald Drumpf (real family name) on this country. It talked about a Hillary victory I was so sure was going to happen. I wasn’t really that invested in her per se—I just didn’t want the Cheeto to win. I had faith that it wouldn’t happen, that most blue-collar people would come to their senses and go the other way. But that never happened—and in fact, it got worse. The GOP, otherwise known as the Republicans, ended up keeping their majority in the Senate and doubling down on their super-majority in the House of Representatives, paving the way for a whole lot of bad defunding to go down. So the presidency and Congress are held by the Republicans, while the Supreme Court — the other third of our three tiers of government — was stuck at eight members because Congress refused to allow Barack Obama to nominate a new judge. Let’s hear it for Gorusch, ladies and gentlemen …

This book started out with some hope that after a Trump scare, the Democrats could reach over and take some of these working-class folks — my folks — and show them that they are in fact their political party. It started out with a vision of seeing the GOP eat a lot of crow for tying their carts to a chauvinistic cocksucker afraid of his own shadow who is easily goaded into saying something pathetic. It had a lot of instances where it would show the GOP for the hypocrites they are: purporting to be for smaller government and yet digging their fingers into just as many programs, grants, and rights as the Democrats do. I wanted to break this shit down like a DJ after a wedding for you all. Then he won. He fucking won. No matter what he’d said or done, no matter how vile and fucked up he was or was going to be, no matter how much he’d lied and lied and lied and fucking lied … he’d won. In the big game at the political table, he’d played his Trump card and beat the house, setting it back a few points, to be sure.————————– Corey Taylor.

You guys can take it from here….  sounds like a pretty good read!

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