Are we creating more homelessness in Reno?

I typically don’t do blogs that involve political or economical stands, however in the past month I’ve seen something that I’ve never seen before at my other job while working with homeless veterans…4 times! They are called “No Cause Evictions”. In every single case, the tenants were veterans who are always on time with their rent, in three cases they had families with children, and in one case the veteran is a 70% service connected disabled vet with a wife and three children. So why? Because the property owners are kicking everyone out to renovate the apartments and charge a higher rent. It’s disgusting. It’s borderline illegal, and would be illegal in another state.

See the full article, written by Jason Hidalgo of the Reno Gazette Journal, RIGHT HERE.


    A lot of mistakes are being made in the ” quest for more money ” in the Northern Nevada area. Some strategies, especially in Resort Hotel / Casino venues, have guided themselves 180 degrees off course.