Name:  Angela Ayers Cavanaugh

alias:   peter parker???

born:  New Jersey

served time in:    New Jersey!!!! 18 years  garden state yeah right!!!

Candles on last birthday cake:   29 not looking forward to the dirty 30

favorite expression:    kick rocks!

pets, piercings, and other things that start with the letter p: pets (nope can't afford myself). piercings (got alot of holes in my face from where they use to be)   other p words  I do pee a lot!

favorite drinks: uuummm coffee  and I love hangin with THE CAPTAIN!

favorite foods: philly cheese steaks  you can take the girl outta Jersey but can't take the cheese steaks outta the girl.

when bored:  when I was younger and bored I tortured my brother and sisters now that I am older I torture my friends. 

worst thing to say to me: eat s**t  HATE IT

best qualities: wow umm  dunno

worst qualities: same answer as previous question

worst fear:   WORMS  EWWWW

most visited websites:  kdot.com, facebook, youtube

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