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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Featuring PEPPER KEENAN: Video Footage Of European Tour Rehearsals
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY has reunited with its onetime guitarist and vocalist Pepper Keenan in 2015 to record a new studio album and embark on a tour. The band's first European trek with Keenan back in the fold since 2006 will take place later this month and will include six U.K. shows. Video footage of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 's February 28 rehearsal for the upcoming trek can be seen below (filmed by Randy Ada). The upcoming dates will mark the first time the "Deliverance" lineup of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY has played together since 2001. Bassist Mike Dean says: "This is all about going out and celebrating some of the classic material, and at the same time it's about tuning up the chemistry and the energy to possibly create a new album or two with this lineup." Tickets go on sale on Friday, January 16 at 9 a.m. via Live Nation.Keenan, who has been focusing on DOWN in recent years, is still considered to be a member of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY but was not involved in the reunion of C.O.C.'s "Animosity" lineup, which was resurrected in 2010 and has been recording and touring ever since. A new posting on the DOWN Facebook page reads: "DOWN guitarist Pepper Keenan will be returning to CORROSION OF CONFORMITY for a tour of the UK and most likely more. Pepper has not left DOWN by any stretch. Don't worry about that." In a recent interview with INDY Week, drummer Reed Mullin said about the prospect of collaborating with Keenan again: "Pepper and I were talking the other day, and we've got some riffs left over from that era that I never used for C.O.C. stuff, and he didn't use for DOWN. They've just been sitting around from when we used to do demos at Jag Studios. He was, like, 'Man, I found a couple cassettes. Remember those cassettes we used to do with [John] Custer down at Jag?' So, yeah, he found a cache of some good riffage in his house down there in New Orleans that I guess he had packed away. And, for some reason, I can remember a lot of the riffs those guys write. Like, there's a song on the new C.O.C. album, the three-piece, and the music is music Pepper and I had jammed back in 1989, and I ended up just putting lyrics to it. Me, Woody [Weatherman] and Mike [Dean] recorded it. It's called 'Tarquinius Superbus', after the last Roman king. For some reason, I remember a lot of the stuff they do, so I'm kind of like an encyclopedia of a lot of their riffs." He continued: "I think the first shows that we're going to do with the four-piece are going to be in March. Before then, I guess we're going be working on the new album. Woody's going to have a baby in April, I think, so we're going to take a little time off in there, and then I guess, get back to touring with Pepper. He's taking time off from DOWN and, you know, he makes so much damn money doing DOWN, we've got to get him while we can get him. He's really excited about it, and we're awful excited to do it. It's been a while. It's been I think 2000 since I played with him. I mean, we've done songs here and there, at festivals overseas and things, as a four-piece, but as a tour, it's been a long time since this entity, this four-piece has been out on the road. It's going to be a blast." Regarding whether the four-piece version of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY will play any new material on the upcoming tour, Mullin said: "I don't know how much new stuff we'll play on the road. Nostalgia seekers are going to want to hear as much of 'Deliverance' and 'Wiseblood' and 'Volume Dealer' and 'In The Arms Of God' as they can. So we'll have four albums, pretty much, to go off of. And maybe later in the year, we'll add a couple new songs. Hopefully by the end of the year, we'll have an album out." He continued: "I think [releasing a new CD later in 2015] doable. If we start working in January… Like I said, we've got to use Pepper while we can get him! "It's cool of him to do this, because, you know, he's got his set-up in New Orleans. He's got a bar, and he's got a little girl, so he doesn't go out for that much touring, anyway, so for him to do C.O.C. and more DOWN stuff next year is awful cool of him."Keenan joined CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in 1990, but he did not become the band's lead singer until the recording of "Deliverance", which came out in 1994.CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's most recent studio album with Keenan, "In The Arms Of God", came out in 2005 on Sanctuary Records.C.O.C.'s reunited "Animosity" lineup released its new album, "IX", on July 1, 2014 via Candlelight Records.
ROBBIE MERRILL Says GODSMACK Doesn't Waste A Lot Of Time In Studio
In a recent interview with NQ Music Press, GODSMACK bassist Robbie Merrill spoke about the songwriting process for the band's sixth album, "1000hp", which came out last year. "We wrote for the album individually, but all got together after that to hash everything out," he explained. "It's a good little thing that we do. It's more about trying to compare and trying to get a bunch of stuff prepared, so we're not wasting a lot of time in the studio trying to find stuff. I mean, there's always one or two songs that get written right there in the studio too, but it's all about doing your homework, preparing, and getting in the room together and hashing out everything. It goes pretty smooth that way. You don't get so much writer's block, because you haven't prepared. If you are stuck on one thing, you can move on and go and work on another song pretty quickly." Robbie also talked about the recording sessions for "1000hp", which were once again helmed by producer Dave Fortman (SLIPKNOT, EVANESCENCE) at the band's new 4,000-square-foot headquarters just 30 minutes from the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. "We do a lot of pre-production," he explained, "but we also have sort of a system we have found. What we would do back in the day was we always did drum stuff first and then the bass and then the guitar and then Sully [Erna, vocalist] would be stuck in the studio by himself doing all his parts and singing, so now we do a song a day. So we will do drums for one song, then lay down the guitar and we'll lay down the scratch track and I'll play my bass stuff. That way everyone is in the room together and going through stuff and hashing it out and analyzing it right there giving ideas. There's a little bit of pressure doing it that way, but because you're recording, that pressure is there anyway. Because you have four guys that have their own opinions, it can get pretty crazy, but at the end of the day, it's not that bad, and because of pre-production, you are already familiar with the songs. I only need an hour in the studio, so if you give me that time, you will have a pretty cool bass track. It works, because after a week, you have five songs laid down that you can listen to, which is pretty cool.""1000hp" sold approximately 58,000 copies in its first week of release to land at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 album chart. The disc, which arrived on August 5, 2014, followed up 2011's "The Oracle", which topped the chart with sales of 117,000 copies in its debut week.Erna described the sound of the "1000hp" album to The Pulse Of Radio as "a little bit more raw, a little bit more open. The writing was a little freer. The production is really kind of raw and in your face, and the songs, man — I'm really, really excited about these songs. And I have to tell you honestly, I wasn't that excited about writing this record at first."
Video: IN THIS MOMENT Performs In Glasgow
Fan-filmed video footage of IN THIS MOMENT performing the song "Black Widow" on February 28 in Glasgow, United Kingdom can be seen below. In a recent interview with AltWire, IN THIS MOMENT singer Maria Brink stated about the band's current headlining live show: "I think when you are headlining, you are performing at your top level because you have the time limit that you want, so you can do the exact show, and give people the journey that you want them to see, because you are calling the shots. So it's you creating that night, that's your moment to shine, nobody's putting any boundaries on you. When you are opening for someone else, you can't use all your gear and you can't have all the bells and whistles. When you're headlining, it's up to you and you're in charge of captivating everyone that evening. I love it!" She added: "I'm OCD [laughs], so I’m literally obsessive and compulsive, and this is a good example of how you can take your flaws and turn them into something beautiful and powerful. I apply my obsessive compulsiveness to my career. I direct our live shows, so the way you see the visuals, the wardrobe charges and the flow, that's me really obsessing over the entire show and every little piece to it. The same with our music videos, the same with anything you see, that's me obsessing and creating this big master plan and then trying to make it all work at the same time. I co-directed our last two videos and directed our new video, 'Sex Metal Barbie', by myself, so I am really obsessive over it and I am all about trying to bring what is in my head to life."IN THIS MOMENT's new album, "Black Widow", sold around 36,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 8 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on November 17, 2014. "Black Widow" was once again helmed by Kevin Churko (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, HELLYEAH, PAPA ROACH) at his The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.IN THIS MOMENT in 2013 inked a new deal with Atlantic Records, a division of Warner Music Group, following the completion of its contract with Century Media Records.IN THIS MOMENT released all four of its previous studio efforts through Century Media, including "Blood".
FAITH NO MORE: New Song 'Superhero' Available For Streaming
"Superhero", a brand new song from FAITH NO MORE, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track will be available on seven-inch vinyl on March 17, followed by a digital release on March 31.FAITH NO MORE keyboardist Roddy Bottum explained in a new interview why the band decided to make its first new album since 1997, the upcoming "Sol Invictus", despite being adamant for years that it would never happen. Bottum explained, "We got really bored with what we were doing, and we also felt like there are a whole lot of people out there who look to us to be inspired and encouraged by what we do artistically. So to be doing old songs on a big stage with a lot of people watching over and over — it felt kind of cheap and easy and a little too safe of a place to be. That's not who we are." FAITH NO MORE reunited for touring purposes in 2009, 12 years after the release of its final studio set until now, "Album Of The Year". The band announced last year that it was recording new material, with "Sol Invictus" set for release on May 19.Bottum said about the new CD, "It really does go back to out roots, and (it's) really gothic — it's really sort of in the dark and there's a lot of somber tones on it." Bottum also praised singer Mike Patton's lyrics, saying, "He has done a super, super, great job. I'm a huge fan of his lyrics. I love what he does lyrically. There are some really fun wordplay (things) that he does, and there is a lot of referencing of us as a core group."FAITH NO MORE has also confirmed its first North American shows since 2010 with a spring outing kicking off April 15 in Vancouver.
BLIND GUARDIAN's HANSI KÜRSCH Clears Up Confusion Over Bassist Position
David E. Gehlke of DeadRhetoric.com recently conducted an interview with BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.DeadRhetoric.com: Have to start with this: It's always been the four of you guys, now you're a quintet. What made you take the leap and add [Dutch bassist] Barend [Courbois] to the band?Hansi Kürsch: You know what? It was just a misunderstanding in general. It was just meant to be an introduction for people who wanted to know something about the bassist. We thought, "We'll use this opportunity to introduce him via our Facebook and homepage." People misunderstood. He has the same status as [former session/touring bassist] Oliver Holzwarth. It was a complete misunderstanding and I was, like, "Something is going wrong here!" Jason, our webmaster, was completely irritated and confused by this as well. I misunderstood him and said, "Of course we're going to promote him and introduce him." He was somehow thinking about the confusion which might be what created it, but I didn't see it, so I said, "Spread the news. All good." It was obvious to me that he's not the fifth band member, and he's fine with his status, like Oliver was. We don't need that. Even though I doubt I'm going to play the bass again, it's still the four of us.DeadRhetoric.com: I'm glad you cleared that up. Amazing how easily things get misconstrued on the Internet.Kürsch: The Internet is having the lead in confusing people and making more of a story than there is. I read the story over and over again, and we just announced Barend, or "Bear," as we call him, has the same status as Oliver. He played the bass on the new album, and he is also taking part in our concerts. It was just an introduction and yes, you can consider him the BLIND GUARDIAN bass player, as [touring member] Michael Schüren is considered our keyboardist. I don't have a problem with that in general, but it's just amazing to see how things spread quickly, and how they are misunderstood, and what people are creating out of it. Some people start complaining about it, and even if he was the fifth member, that's our decision. But he's not. [Laughs] If we feel so, we can do so. Why not? What's the problem with it?DeadRhetoric.com: How do you view the '90s now? You were playing such an unfashionable style of metal, but you had so much success. Do you look at it with amazement?Kürsch: [Laughs] I look at every part of our career with amazement. Nothing ever seems to be very far away when we're talking about the years. I still sense the excitement when we did "Battalions Of Fear". The '90s were somehow strange, because, yeah, as you said, the scene was going in a different direction and everyone said, "Metal is going to be dead soon." There were not a lot of bands having success, but for us, it was going in the opposite direction. We felt somehow privileged, but on the other side, we considered that as proof we did the right thing. It was doing what we believed would be good. It was never trying to figure out where the wind was blowing and which way it would lead us. We did what we felt was the best for the band. This hasn't changed over the last 20 years. Whatever we're doing we truly believe in. Of course, failure has been an option. This has been the case in the '90s, and today, but in general, as an advice for any band, if you do that, you fail because of your own fault. Read the entire interview at DeadRhetoric.com.
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EXODUS's STEVE 'ZETRO' SOUZA Follows TOM ARAYA's Advice On Thrash Metal Longevity
Dave "Higgo" Higgins of Australia's long-running rock station Triple M conducted an interview with EXODUS singer Steve "Zetro" Souza and bassist Jack Gibson during this year's Soundwave festival. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. Speaking about EXODUS's longevity, Souza said: "I think our sound, it's really a signature sound, and I think that goes with thrash metal in general. I mean, there's no pussyfooting around with EXODUS. It's straight aggression to the point where, here you go, thirty years later, we've released our tenth record, 'Blood In, Blood Out', and it's eleven tracks of kicking you in the ass. So I think we stayed true to our sound, we stayed true to our fans, and I think we're very fortunate to be relevant after this long, and I think that's what's kept us going so far." He added: "Tom Araya [SLAYER] said it good one time. It was, like, twenty years ago, and I remember him saying, 'Zet, just stay heavy, and everything else will fall in place.' And if you take the advice from the man, you know what I mean?! I guess that's just the way we've kind of kept it going: just stay heavy and it will all fall in place." Guitarist Gary Holt was unable to join his EXODUS bandmates for their current Australian tour due to his commitments with SLAYER. Replacing him for the trek is HEATHEN's Kragen Lum.EXODUS and TESTAMENT will join forces for the "Dark Roots Of Thrash II" tour. The trek will conquer North America for five weeks, beginning April 1 in San Francisco, and will include select TESTAMENT and EXODUS festival performances. Support on the tour will come from Texas melodic metal assailants SHATTERED SUN.EXODUS's latest album, "Blood In Blood Out", sold around 8,800 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released in North America on October 14, 2014 via Nuclear Blast, the CD art was illustrated by Swedish artist Pär Olofsson, known worldwide for his incredible renderings that have graced the covers of countless heavy metal albums, including EXODUS' "Let There Be Blood"."Blood In Blood Out" is EXODUS' first album since the departure of the band's lead singer of the past nine years, Rob Dukes, and the return of his predecessor, Steve "Zetro" Souza, who previously fronted EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.
New DORO Studio Album Won't Arrive Before 2016
Metal Life magazine recently conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On people using their iPhones and smartphones are concerts to either film the performances or communicate with others: Doro: "When [I am] on stage, I see immediately when people start texting or sending messages. And then, just standing near the people, then you feel [like] they're not there anymore, it's very distracting and it puts a lot of pressure on you. Usually, it was, like, back in the day, the first three songs, the photographers could take photos, maybe sometimes five songs, and then it was over, and then the show started. And now it's, like, you're under the microscope constantly for two or three hours, and it's a different animal. Of course, you have the make the [most] out of it, but I definitely prefer when everybody's there — first two or three songs, do some pics and then go and headbang and stage dive, crowdsurf. But yeah, it can take away a little bit the energy flow and the connection." On when fans can expect to hear the follow-up to Doro's 2012 album "Raise Your Fist":Doro: "Yeah, we're in the middle of songwriting. We've got some great, ass-kicking ideas already. And we are doing the production for the DVD — it's the 30th-anniversary DVD, and we filmed all over the world. We started with Wacken, which looks awesome, and then we did a couple of things in my hometown, in Germany, in Düsseldorf, and in New York. And it will come out in autumn, and it will be a big package — like, two DVDs and one live album. Many more months it will probably take to do a new album, but songwriting is already going really great. And it probably takes another year to have a brand new album. But the DVD is coming out first… Good things always take longer than expected, and sometimes I wanna do it fast, and then two years go by, and I say, 'Wow!'" "Raise Your Fist" was released worldwide via Nuclear Blast in 2012. Dubbed "50 minutes of expertly crafted Teutonic metal" by Outburn, which crowned Doro "...the classiest lady in metal," the CD boasts guest appearances by MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister and OZZY OSBOURNE/FIREWIND guitarist Gus G., and artwork by British artist and longtime Doro collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie. An import version of Doro's "Raise Your Fist - 30 Years Anniversary Edition" is available via the Nuclear Blast webshop and includes new and rare tracks plus a bonus CD titled "Powerful Passionate Favorites" comprised of cover versions of DIO, LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA and KISS songs.
P.O.D. Begins Recording New Album With Producer HOWARD BENSON
Christian hard rockers P.O.D. (PAYABLE ON DEATH) have entered a Los Angeles-area studio with longtime producer Howard Benson to begin recording their new album for a tentative summer release. P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval told All Access Live during this year's ShipRocked cruise(see video below) that he hopes to be done tracking the new CD in "four to six weeks."P.O.D.'s last release was "SoCal Sessions", a collection of acoustic versions of some of the band's most popular songs. The CD came out last November. A digital re-release of a special deluxe edition of P.O.D.'s latest studio album, "Murdered Love", was made available in October 2013. Highlights included two previously unreleased studio tracks, "Burn It Down" and "Find A Way" (recorded with Benson) and an acoustic version of the band's Top 5 hit "Beautiful". Additional tracks include an acoustic version of "West Coast Rock Steady", an alternate version of "On Fire" and "Lost In Forever (Scream)", plus various music videos and behind-the-scenes footage from the "Murdered Love" album cycle. "Murdered Love" saw P.O.D. reunited with Benson, who also produced the band's massive "Satellite" album as well as hit LPs for Kelly Clarkson, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, DAUGHTRY and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.
JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER: 'We Think We've Got Another Record In Us'
JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner was interviewed by U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine during this year's Soundwave festival in Australia. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about how JUDAS PRIEST was re-energized by his addition to the band following the departure of original lead guitarist K.K. Downing in 2011, Faulkner said: "The whole re-energizing thing, I can only take a fifth of the credit, really. The [rest of the] band, they've been doing it for forty years and they're so passionate about what they do. And, obviously, when you bring someone new into an outfit — a football team or a band — there's gonna be a slightly different dynamic. So that's the thing that's happened here. We went from the 'Epitaph' tour, and we got energized into doing a new record; we've done a new record, and then that energized you into going out and getting these new songs [into the setlist and performing them live on] the road. And then, in turn, you don't know what's gonna happen after this. We've talked about doing another record; we think we've got another record in us. And, no doubt, we'll be energized from the reception we're getting on the live circuit with this record around the world that, no doubt, we'll go in and do it again. I mean, I know we've got loads of ideas kicking around, and we've got the energy to do it, so you never know. Watch this space."JUDAS PRIEST's latest album, "Redeemer Of Souls", marks the band's first release with Faulkner, who was most recently guitarist in the backing group for Lauren Harris (daughter of IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris). Asked by Premier Guitar if he was concerned how the new band dynamic with Faulkner would impact the writing process for "Redeemer Of Souls", JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton said: "We hadn't worked with Richie before on a writing level, so the first couple of things he presented to us were quite crucial. It was amazing, because everything Richie came up with was just so PRIEST, and it evolved from that point on. For the first time ever, we actually wrote on the road. Richie would go down in the afternoon, set up his recording rig, and kick stuff out. When we had time off, we sat down and started piecing everything together. What we normally do is write our own ideas — including Rob's [Halford] lyrics and vocals — pool them, and before you know it, it takes shape into songs."
DIMEBAG's Grave Allegedly Vandalized By Up-And-Coming Metal Band
**UPDATE** The members of the Fort Wayne, Indiana death/thrash/black metal band NUCLEAR HELLFROST have released the following statement regarding allegations that they were involved in the desecration of Dimebag's grave: "The posts about us and to us are a complete surprise to us. Anything having to do with grave desecration was entirely a hoax put on by our former lead singer completely disconnected from the other members of the band. "If you see Dimebag's grave, you can see there is nothing carved into his grave, the only thing that exists is a photo of a piece of paper posted by the former member. "We are strongly against any sort of homophobia, racism, or outright disrespect for a human being. "We have nothing but the utmost respect for Dimebag, and this is a misguided political publicity stunt that we were dragged into by a former member with an awful sense of humor. "NUCLEAR HELLFROST as a band would like to apologize on this former member's behalf to not only Dimebag's fans, but most importantly his family. "Again, the members of NUCLEAR HELLFROST had absolutely ZERO actual involvement in any of the alleged actions described by our former singer. Again, nothing but respect to Dimebag as a human being and condolences to his family. These are fabricated and contrived allegations on the Internet that never happened in real life." The original article follows below. According to a post on PANTERA's Facebook page (see below), authorities have been notified after members of an up-and-coming metal band allegedly used an Instagram account to boast about defacing late PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott's grave. The since-removed Instagram post (the Instagram account has been deleted as well) showed a photo of the grave with the following caption: "i HATE pantera...with a passion. and so does the rest of my band. so on tour going throug texas we paid douchebag darrell a visit, we spit on his grave, stole a pair of cowboy boots, and i wrote 'FAG' on his grave... i'm not a homophobe but i hope all panturrrra fans see this and shit themselves with anger....FUCK DIMEBAG, buncha racist hillbillies" Unsurprisingly, many of the PANTERA fans have since caught wind of the posting and have since used the Internet to voice their displeasure over the grave defacement. The PANTERA camp has also commented the despicable actions of the individuals in question, writing on Facebook: "We are absolutely disgusted by this! We ask that all of you please show Dime and his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified." After it was reported a few years ago that Dimebag's grave at the Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas was vandalized, Dimebag's brother, former PANTERA and current HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, was asked by Artisan News if the person responsible for causing the damage had ever been apprehended. "Nah, nah" he replied. "But it's just a real disrespectful thing. I don't understand why somebody would wanna scratch their name in somebody's tombstone or anything. But fans are rabid, man; they do unheard-of things. I just wish they would respect him and let him rest in peace and just leave it at that.""Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was co-founder and lead guitarist for PANTERA. When PANTERA broke up in 2003, Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul formed DAMAGEPLAN. On December 8, 2004, while performing with DAMAGEPLAN at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, Dimebag was shot and killed onstage by Nathan Gale. He was 38 years old.
Spotify's Top 10 most viral tracks

FILE - This May 18, 2013 file photo shows Hannah Hooper, left, and Christian Zucconi of Grouplove performing as part of Party in the Park at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Grouplove's, “Ways to Go,” was the most viral track on Spotify, from Monday, June 10, to Sunday, June 16, via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify. (Photo by Robb D. Cohen/RobbsPhotos/Invision/AP, file)The following list represents the most viral tracks on Spotify, based on the number of people who shared it divided by the number who listened to it, from Monday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 26 via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify.

Spotify's Top 10 most streamed tracks

FILE - In this Sept. 7, 2012 file photo, musician Robin Thicke performs during Macy's Passport presents Glamorama 2012 at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Thicke's "Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)" was the top streamed tracks on Spotify from Monday, June 10, to Sunday, June 16, 2013. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP, File)The following list represents the most streamed tracks on Spotify, based on the number of people who shared it divided by the number who listened to it, from Monday, Oct. 20 to Sunday Oct. 26 via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify.

Partial list of Oscar winners

Lupita Nyong'o arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)Partial list of winners at Sunday's 86th annual Academy Awards presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Jennifer Lopez arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)"As you can see, I read the memo." — Jennifer Lopez, her dress baring just a single shoulder and a single leg, as she commented on the wardrobe guidelines CBS issued to Grammy performers.

Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn take charity polar plunge in Chicago

Actor Taylor Kinney, second left, and his fiancée, pop star Lady Gaga, center, along with "Chicago Fire" cast take part in the Chicago Polar Plunge at North Avenue Beach on Sunday, March 1, 2015 in Chicago. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP)CHICAGO (AP) — Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn plunged into the icy waters of Chicago's Lake Michigan at a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Theater Review: 'Abundance' is a tragicomic look at Old West

Shown in a publicity photo provided by Richard Hillman Public Relations are, from left,ok in a scene from Beth Henley’s ‘Abundance’, currently performing off-Broadway at The Actor Company’s Theatre in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Hillman Public Relations, Marielle Solan Photography)NEW YORK (AP) — In sagas about the American Wild West, pioneers were brave and true-hearted cowboys and homesteaders tamed the savage land while their womenfolk happily tended hearth and family.

Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn take charity polar plunge in Chicago

Actor Taylor Kinney, second left, and his fiancée, pop star Lady Gaga, center, along with "Chicago Fire" cast take part in the Chicago Polar Plunge at North Avenue Beach on Sunday, March 1, 2015 in Chicago. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP)CHICAGO (AP) — Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn made plunges into the icy waters of Chicago's Lake Michigan at a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Dolce&Gabbana pay sentimental tribute to mothers in Milan

Models wear creations for Dolce & Gabbana women's Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection, part of the Milan Fashion Week, unveiled in Milan, Italy, Sunday, March 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)MILAN (AP) — Model Bianca Balta won applause of approval as she walked down the Dolce&Gabbana runway in an advanced stage of pregnancy. It was part of the designing duo's early Mother's Day present to women, a collection dedicated to moms.

'Focus' snatches US box office gold

Actors Will Smith (L) and Margot Robbie arrive at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Focus" at the Chinese Theatre on February 24, 2015, in Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles (AFP) - Sexy con-artist flick "Focus" stole the top spot at North American box offices this weekend, vaulting over hit bondage film "Fifty Shades of Grey," industry estimates showed Sunday.

Dolce&Gabbana pay sentimental tribute to mothers in Milan

Models wear creations for Dolce & Gabbana women's Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection, part of the Milan Fashion Week, unveiled in Milan, Italy, Sunday, March 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)MILAN (AP) — Model Bianca Balta won applause of approval as she walked down the Dolce&Gabbana runway in an advanced stage of pregnancy. It was part of the designing duo's early Mother's Day present to women, a collection dedicated to mom.

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