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New Video Footage Of CHRIS ADLER In The Studio With MEGADETH?
A new 15-second video clip of an as-yet-unidentified drummer — believed to be Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) — laying down tracks for MEGADETH's new album can be seen below. A photo that was taken on March 19 of MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and Adler having a discussion at what appeared to be a fast-food restaurant or a coffee shop was posted on Twitter by former MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE drummer Bob Bryar. As BLABBERMOUTH.NETexclusively reported on March 14, MEGADETH is rumored to have hired Adler and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro (ANGRA) to play on the band's new CD. If true, Adler's involvement with MEGADETH would apparently be limited to studio work only, and he would not be expected to join the band on the road to promote the effort, which is currently being recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.MEGADETH was still finalizing the recording lineup for its new album earlier in the month, with Mustaine tweeting on March 10 that he was "excited to be auditioning one of my final picks for my new guitarist today." The band has yet to officially announce replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the group last year. Speculation has been rife over the last three months as to whether fans could expect a reunion of MEGADETH's classic late 1980s and early 1990s lineup featuring Nick Menza on drums and Marty Friedman on guitar. Both Menza and Friedman indicated in recent interviews and online postings that they weren't opposed to rejoining MEGADETH, with Menza saying: "I'm open to whatever could possibly happen. That's up to Dave [Mustaine." Friedman, who was also part of the band's "Rust In Peace" lineup, said in January that he "would not be against considering" a possible return to the band as the replacement for Broderick, but cautioned that fans shouldn't "get [their] hopes up either."


Posted by Megadeth on Thursday, March 26, 2015
Atlanta rock 'n' rollers BITERS have signed a worldwide deal with Earache Records. Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, BITERS have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of '70s rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure. Possessing a heart full of rock 'n' roll, the band plays foot-stomping, fist-pumping, spit-on-the-floor anthems possessed of a fighting spirit that refuses to give in. Band leader Tuk explains the band's outlook: "Corporate pop culture and fairweather fads is just something I'm not interested in. I still choose to play rock ‘n' roll, because I still believe in rock 'n' roll." Earache's Dan Tobin comments: "BITERS have lit a fire under us here at Earache. Their brand of rock forces you to take part — it's so immediate, accessible and exciting that the label had to get involved. Most of all, it's completely believable — it makes you want to fight for this kind of music to be heard. There is a gang mentality with BITERS that is very strong, and we are thrilled to join forces with them." An aura of recklessness and intimidation surrounds the BITERS mythology. Yet amongst all of the raw riffage, teethmarks and broken glass, the band serve up instant hooks and shout-a-long choruses. This ear for melody has not been lost on others — the likes of GREEN DAY have proclaimed BITERS among their favourite new bands.BITERS' debut album for Earache, "Electric Blood", will be released on July 13. A single, "Restless Hearts", will precede the album and can be heard below.
SYSTEM OF A DOWN's SHAVO ODADJIAN Directs Launch Trailer For 'Mortal Kombat X' Video Game
SYSTEM OF A DOWN bassist Shavo Odadjian has directed the launch trailer for the "Mortal Kombat X" video game. The TV spot premiere, which is scheduled for April 6, will include the SYSTEM OF A DOWN song "Chop Suey!" as its main theme. A teaser clip is available below. Odadjian is no stranger to video direction, as he helmed the SYSTEM OF A DOWN videos for the songs "Aerials", "Toxicity", "Hypnotize" and "Question!"Odadjian said in a recent interview with Madcap Music Review that SYSTEM OF A DOWN has already worked on its first new music in a decade, with plans to enter the studio in the coming months to record a full-length album. Asked about the chances of the group recording for the first time since 2005, Odadjian said, "Yeah, there's a very good chance. I don't have a date. We've already gone. We've written some songs. We're keeping it to ourselves. We're getting back to the bullshitt of being together."Odadjian told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he could never envision SYSTEM OF A DOWN going away permanently. "We're brothers, man, we'll take bullets for each other," he said. "So it's like, you kind of miss each other after a while and you, one guy makes the first move, then another starts making phone calls.... this is a juggernaut, man. SYSTEM OF A DOWN is my lifeline. It'll never go away. We could not make a record for 10 years — that's not gonna happen, but I'm just saying we could — and we'll come back strong." SYSTEM OF A DOWN recently added two more North American dates to its upcoming world tour. In addition to shows in Los Angeles on April 6 and Quebec on June 18, the band will now stop in Detroit on June 17 and Toronto on June 19. The tour commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and will feature SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s first-ever performance in their homeland of Armenia, on April 23.
GENE SIMMONS Says KISS, AC/DC And METALLICA Are Among 'Very Few Bands' Not Using Backing Tracks
KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has slammed "dishonest" artists who use backing tapes during their live performances, explaining that there are "very few bands" left who still play their instruments in concert without the aid of extra tracks. "I have a problem when you charge $100 to see a live show and the artist uses backing tracks," Simmons tells Australia's News.com.au. "It's like the ingredients in food, if the first ingredient on the label is sugar, that's at least honest. It should be on every ticket — you're paying $100, 30 to 50 percent of the show is [on] backing tracks and they'll sing sometimes, sometimes they'll lip synch. At least be honest. It's not about backing tracks, it's about dishonesty." He continued: "There's nobody with a synthesizer on our stage, there's no samples on the drums, there's nothing. There's very few bands who do that now — AC/DC, METALLICA, us. I can't even say that about U2 or THE [ROLLING] STONES. There's very few bands who don't use [backing] tracks." A month ago, KISS admitted to using backing tracks while performing its new single, "Samurai Son", one of two songs they recently collaborated on with Japanese pop group MOMOIRO CLOVER Z. While announcing KISS's 2012 tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE, KISSSimmons was also critical about pop artists who use pre-recorded backing tracks in their live shows. He said: "We're sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and karaoke tapes in back of them. The guys you see on stage are playing their instruments. No fake bullshit. Leave that to the Rihanna, Shmianna and anyone who ends their name with an 'A.'"
ATKINS MAY PROJECT Feat. Original JUDAS PRIEST Singer AL ATKINS: 'Anthology' Collection Released
ATKINS MAY PROJECT, the band featuring original JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins and Christian guitarist and music artist Paul May, returns with a compilation, "Anthology", available now through Gonzo MultiMedia. For the last four years, the rock world has been buzzing about Atkins and May's music. Together they have created three records available on Gonzo Multimedia. There are enough doses of melody and metal madness to entice all fans of the genre, and while it is solid, honest, working-class heavy metal, it also has its roots in contemporary metal with some fine axe-work and killer choruses. This marriage of metal mayhem has earned them stunning reviews from the world's press and has seen them gain a steady momentum of fans globally since their initial release back in 2011. After the worldwide success of "Serpents Kiss", "Valley Of Shadows" and "Empire Of Destruction" once again coming straight from the "home of metal," out of the heart of the U.K.'s "Black Country," "Anthology" is yet another "collection of classic rock and British metal [that] is an essential addition to all who love this genre that's no afraid to merge metal moments with progressive thought," according to a press release."Anthology" also features a previously unreleased bonus track — a cover of PHIL COLLINS' "In The Air Tonight".Paul says: "It was quite a task to choose which songs would make it onto this compilation as there's such a diversity in the styles of tracks, but I hope this reflects the wider view of the rock and metal we love doing."Al adds: "The reviews from the first three albums were great and said it all, so it was difficult to select the songs for the album, but I think you'll agree that we made the right choices, and 'Anthology' for me ticks all the right boxes!""Anthology" track listing: 01. Here Comes The Rain 02. Bitter Waters 03. A World At War 04. Dream Maker 05. Whisper To The Wind 06. Harder They Fall 07. The Shallowing 08. Enslaved To Love 09. Theatre Of Fools 10. Valley Of Shadows 11. In the Air Tonight (PHIL COLLINS cover; previously unreleased bonus track)Atkins is the co-writer of several PRIEST songs which are included on the band's first two albums, "Rocka Rolla" and "Sad Wings of Destiny", both of which eventually went gold. Atkins co-penned the heavy metal classic "Victim of Changes", which was a combination of Rob Halford's song "Red Light Lady" and Atkins' own "Whiskey Woman". He also co-wrote "Winter", "Never Satisfied", "Dreamer Deceiver" and "Caviar and Meths". In 1989 Atkins released his debut solo album, "Judgement Day", to great acclaim. But it was "Heavy Thoughts" and "Victim of Changes" (the latter being his collaborative album with ex-JUDAS PRIEST drummer Dave Holland) that brought him strong sales and critical acclaim around the world. JUDAS PRIEST bassist Ian Hill penned the foreword to Al Atkins's autobiography, titled "Dawn of the Metal Gods: My Life in Judas Priest and Heavy Metal". The book, which was written with Neil Daniels— a freelance rock writer and heavy metal fan who befriended Atkins during the writing of Neil's book "The Story Of Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith" (Omnibus Press) — was released in 2009 via Iron Pages.atkinsmayanthology
U.K. rockers PURSON have signed a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. The band's second studio album, "Desire's Magic Theatre", will be released this autumn. The quintet, whose music touches a variety of realms, including folk, prog, psychedelic, gothic and classic rock, blending otherworldly romance with shadowy foreboding, is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on "Desire's Magic Theatre", which will be made available via Spinefarm/Machine Elf. Says singer/guitarist/songwriter Rosalie Cunningham: "As I sit here in the control room at Gizzard Studios, the pride of East London, I'm excitedly realizing that our second album has turned out to be everything I'd imagined and more! My world has been so consumed by it that I've barely been able to reflect on what it has become: a Technicolor variety show, a playful display of the musical whims only briefly hinted at in our previous work; a psychedelic rock opera dedicated to our good friends Sarge Pepper and Zig Stardust." She continues: "The twists in the tale have been carved out by the path we've taken over the last 12 months. It's been constantly shape-shifting and developing with all the wonderful experiences we've had. On behalf of the band, I give thanks to everyone who has bought a PURSON record and been to our shows. Your continued support means everything... and you have our promise that the best is yet to come..." Says Spinefarm general manager in the U.K., Dante Bonutto: "I've been following PURSON since the early days of their career, and I've always considered the band something special; I like their vision, their theatricality, and their refusal to be corralled by a single musical genre. PURSON really do have an expansive approach to their craft, and as a songwriter, Rosalie is a unique talent on the rise. In all ways, their future is bright, and I'm delighted that Spinefarm and PURSON have now forged this fresh alliance..."PURSON is also thrilled to confirm an appearance at this year's Download festival, playing live on the hallowed ground of Donington Park for the first time. The band — Cunningham, George Hudson (guitars), Justin Smith (bass), and Sam Shove (keyboards) — will once again meet up with KISS at Download, having opened for them on last year's Kiss Kruise.PURSON also rounded off 2014 with a nomination in the "Limelight" category for new and emerging talent at the Classic Prog Awards. They also released the four-track "In the Meantime" EP, mastered by John Davis from Metropolis (LED ZEPPELIN, U2, LANA DEL REY), in November. The EP, along with their acclaimed debut album, 2013's "The Circle And The Blue Door", saw their color-saturated tapestries of BLACK SABBATH and THE BEATLES-tinged tales, evoking the sinister folkish English horror of the early '70s.
Guitarist Greg Tribbett (MUDVAYNE, HELLYEAH), drummer Matt McDonough (MUDVAYNE), vocalist Billy Keeton (SKRAPE) and bassist Perry Stern have joined forced in a new band called AUDIOTOPSY. The group recently completed recording its debut album for a summer release. The album is currently being mixed. "I'm extremely excited about AUDIOTOPSY," says Greg. "The music has everything you want in a record... heavy, melodic, atmospheric, big, hooky riffs/singalongs as well. The guys in the band are great and we all feel as if this was meant to happen. Everyone is very artistic and we all felt an energy from our first meeting. We can't wait for the world to hear AUDIOTOPSY and can't wait to get out there and tour the world. AUDIOTOPSY is coming! I'm ready to fuck shit up!"Billy adds: "From the first few notes I knew this was going to be killer. The chemistry happening just took over and spawned this sound, this animal. I'm super stoked to get this music out, and to get this band on tour. Let the madness begin."AUDIOTOPSY has not yet announced a label deal for its first CD, which is currently being mixed. HELLYEAH and MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray told Songfacts in a new interview that he doesn't know if the latter group will ever work together again. Asked if there was a chance for MUDVAYNE to regroup, Gray said, "I don't know if the full band will. Who knows — they might be putting something else together. We were talking for a while and that whole Greg thing went down and everything kind of fell apart." "The Greg thing" was the departure of Tribbett from HELLYEAH in 2013. Gray called his connection with Tribbett "the only truly solid relationship in [MUDVAYNE], although Matt and I are still great, Ryan [Martinie, bass] and I still briefly talk. I mean, the only way I personally would want to do MUDVAYNE is if everybody licked their wounds and got over it."Gray said that there were "a lot of things" that tore MUDVAYNE apart, adding, "Maybe MUDVAYNE was the martyr for people that stopped supporting music. You sell 159,000 records the first week, and then the next record is like, 'Whatever, fuck it.'"Gray admitted to Revolver recently that Tribbett's exit from HELLYEAH "was like losing a great friend… He has always been my right-hand man." MUDVAYNE posted a message on Facebook one year ago saying that the band had not broken up and would be "back in action" at some point. It's been more than five years since MUDVAYNE released its self-titled fifth album, which was barely promoted and sold weakly upon release.gregtribbettsolo_638audiotopsylogo
CRAIG GOLDY's ENDANGERED SPECIES: Video Footage Of San Jose Concert
Video footage ofENDANGERED SPECIES, the new band featuring former DIO guitarist Craig Goldy alongside ex-QUIET RIOT frontman Mark Huff, guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Findlay (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP), drummer Chris Moore and bassist Dario Seixas (FIREHOUSE, STEPHEN PEARCY, JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE), performing on March 7 at RockBar Theater in San Jose, California can be seen below. Speaking about ENDANGERED SPECIES, Goldy told Argentinean rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon: "For the longest time, I've been saying this, but now I have it… I've been wanting to put the 'holy shit' factor back into the hard rock and heavy metal genre. 'Cause I miss those bands like DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN and VAN HALEN, a group of guys who were all virtuosos and motherfuckers and they all— each one — were motherfuckers, but they were able to agree, for the time they were together, and created some amazing music that we have never seen the likes of since." He continued: "There's been a lot of great bands out there — I'm not saying that there's not a lot of great new bands — but nothing like DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN and VAN HALEN. So I got a group of guys that are all motherfuckers and virtuosos in their own right. The singer that we got is really one of the best vocalists on the planet right now. His name is Mark Huff. He used to sing with QUIET RIOT between 2010 and 2012. But he's one of the most amazing singers I've ever worked with and ever heard. And I can say that now, because it's taken me a long time after Ronnie's [James Dio] passing for me to get excited about working with another singer. And then we have a bass player who can also sing lead. He looks great, he plays great, he's got great song ideas. The keyboard player also worked with Michael Schenker. He plays guitar and keyboards and sings background vocals. The drummer, Chris Moore, is just amazing. They're all fucking motherfuckers in their own right. And then they're good people. So that's two things that are hard to find. And then to agree on the type of music that we're going to create together. And then to be able to do it in a way that… There's twists and turns and unexpected moments in the music that makes it unique and fresh and new, but also familiar enough to get a very warm welcome on the first listen. That's hard to do. And they all live in Southern California. And that's hard to do. So just those six things alone are amazing. But these guys, I'm really, really, really fortunate to be doing this with." Asked if ENDANGERED SPECIES is in the process of recording any original material, Goldy said: "The singer [Mark Huff], actually, him and I did two songs. I did my own personal tribute to Ronnie on May 16 of [2014]. It was two songs that I did as my own personal tribute. And the singer for this band sang on those two songs. And those are [available for download at] CraigGoldys13thFloor.com. And for every purchased download, a donation is made to Ronnie's cancer research fund or to whatever charity the individual downloader chooses. But there's two songs. One of 'em is about Ronnie's passing and the perspective of the fans, the band that was left behind and myself. And the other song is about Ronnie— how he seemed to just come out of nowhere." He continued: "When Ritchie Blackmore left DEEP PURPLE, it was my favorite band in the world… [and they] just went upside down. And then there's disco. And I'm, like, 'What the hell is going on?' But all of a sudden I hear [RAINBOW's] 'Man On The Silver Mountain' on the radio, and I went, 'What the fuck is that?' It's like [Ronnie] just came out of nowhere. And how hard he worked on his lyrics and the… But little did we know what that treasure and that universe that he created hadn't even been… We hadn't even scratched the surface when 'Man On The Silver Mountain' came out. I mean, that was good enough. But then to find out who that man really was… So I wrote that about him and about that." ENDANGERED SPECIES made its live debut in October 2014 at Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, California under the name CRAIG GOLDY'S 13TH FLOOR. The band is currently working on material for its debut album, to be released later in the year. Goldy is currently a member of DIO DISCIPLES, which pays tribute to Ronnie James Dio and is fully supported by Wendy Dio. He is joined in the group by Mark Boals (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) on vocals, Oni Logan (LYNCH MOB) on vocals, Bjorn Englen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) on bass, Scott Warren (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL) on keyboards and Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC, UFO) on drums.
LEPROUS: 'The Congregation' Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed
Norwegian progressive metallers LEPROUS will release their new studio album, "The Congregation", on May 25 in Europe and June 2 in North America via InsideOut Music. The drums, guitars and bass for the follow-up to 2013's "Coal" were recorded at Sweden's Fascination Street and Ghostward Studios with David Castillo (KATATONIA, OPETH) and the vocals with Heidi Solberg Tveitan and Vegard Tveitan at Mnemosyne Studios in Norway. Just like the preceding albums, "Bilateral" and "Coal", "The Congregation" was mixed by Jens Bogren (OPETH, SYMPHONY X, KREATOR) at Fascination Street. The CD's cover artwork, which was created by artist Nihil, can be seen below. The track listing for the 65-minute effort is as follows: 01. The Price 02. Third Law 03. Rewind 04. The Flood 05. Triumphant 06. Within My Fence 07. Red 08. Slave 09. Moon 10. Down 11. LowerLEPROUS comments on the cover artwork as follows: "The artwork represents the album's dark theme very well by showing deformation and disturbance.""The Congregation" will be available as standard jewelcase CD, digital download as well as limited import mediabook CD and 2LP editions. Physical versions feature bonus track "Pixel".LEPROUS is currently busy working on the new album's first video with Twitchy Films, who also worked on the band's previous clips. LEPROUS is: Einar Solberg - Lead Vocal, KeysTor Oddmund Suhrke - GuitarØystein Landsverk - GuitarBaard Kolstad - DrumsLEPROUS vocalist and keyboard player Einar Solberg commented: "This has without doubt been the most challenging album to write so far, if you count the amount of hours, blood, sweat and tears behind it. Which makes me extra proud to just have delivered the master of what I consider to be the most daring, technical, fresh and mature album we've ever done. "The music of 'The Congregation' is mostly written by me on my computer, so that this time around I could use my ears instead of my knowledge as the main writing tool. If you use your knowledge and your usual methods to write every album, you will eventually find yourself stuck in a quagmire of old habits. Lyrically, 'The Congregation' covers the dangers and consequences of blindly following the flow, thus the album title will speak for itself."leprouscongregcd
COAL CHAMBER: Sixth 'Rivals' Webisode
The sixth webisode for "Rivals", the comeback album from COAL CHAMBER, the reformed '90s alt-metal band fronted by current DEVILDRIVER singer Dez Fafara, can be seen below. Due on May 19 North America via Napalm, the group's first CD in over thirteen years was recorded in part at Audiohammer studio in Sanford, Florida with producer Mark Lewis (DEVILDRIVER, CANNIBAL CORPSE)."Rivals" track listing: 01. I.O.U. Nothing 02. Bad Blood Between Us 03. Light In The Shadows 04. Suffer In Silence 05. The Bridges You Burn 06. Orion 07. Another Nail In The Coffin 08. Rivals 09. Wait 10. Dumpster Dive 11. Over My Head 12. Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets) 13. Empty Handed The song "Suffer In Silence" features a guest appearance by MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen. Support on COAL CHAMBER's current U.S. trek — which runs through April 12 in Dallas, Texas — is coming from FILTER, COMBICHRIST and AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE. COAL CHAMBER is offering an exclusive VIP Package for every date on the tour. It includes a meet-and-greet with the band, exclusive t-shirt, exclusive poster, souvenir laminate and early entry (where applicable). Speaking to The Age Of Metal, Fafara stated about what fans can expect from "Rivals": "We put a lot of work into it, and it seems to be getting just a very positive [response]. But what you can expect is a record that, when it's done, you're gonna wanna push 'play' again. I mean, we really, really honed in on it, and I think that's pretty evident." Regarding the writing process for "Rivals", Dez said: "We locked ourselves in a room and just waited until it was very tight. Then [the other guys in the band] would throw me songs and I would throw them back lyrics, and that's how it came together. It's a very democratic process when it comes to COAL CHAMBER and the writing. And I think they did a great job. It was extremely freeing to do this record, 'cause I could use anything I want — I could use high screams, low screams, clean vocals, whisper tracks… all sorts of stuff — which was very freeing as an artist to do. It was a great time to record. And I think you can feel that within the record. We didn't record with a click track, so [there are] ebbs and flows. Nothing was copied an pasted; everything was sung. I hit most of the stuff the first time I did the vocals, and the music itself is really raw and has a really great feel to it. I think it has a fresh feel to it. Don't expect a throwback record. It's not gonna sound like a throwback record. It's us moving forward." Asked whether any of the stuff he has done with DEVILDRIVER has carried over into the new COAL CHAMBER album, Dez said: "[The other guys in the band have] done things in [the] thirteen years [since the release of 2002's 'Dark Days'], I've done things in thirteen years, and I think everything bleeds into everything. But when it all spills out onto the table, it's pure COAL CHAMBER. So no matter what I've done — whether it be DEVILDRIVER or BORN OF THE STORM or any number of things — I think when it does go on the table, it becomes COAL CHAMBER."
Hollywood golden age actress Sally Forrest dies at 86
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sally Forrest, an actress-dancer who graced the silver screen throughout the '40s and '50s in MGM musicals and films such as the 1956 noir "While the City Sleeps," died on March 15 at her home in Beverly Hills, California. She was 86 and had long battled cancer.
Mexico City businesses cite losses during Bond filming
MEXICO CITY (AP) — The leader of small businesses in Mexico City's historic downtown district says owners have complained of a 60 percent drop in sales during the first week of filming of the new James Bond movie, "Spectre."
Obama talks drug war with 'The Wire' creator David Simon
WASHINGTON (AP) — Talk of overhauling the criminal justice system is serious business — but before diving into the subject, President Barack Obama had something else he wanted to say.
Talent agency wants Matt McConaughey speaking fee secret
HOUSTON (AP) — A celebrity booking agency has told the Texas attorney general's office it is not all right, all right, all right to make public how much the University of Houston is paying actor Matthew McConaughey to speak at the school's May 15 commencement ceremony.
Jason Alexander to replace Larry David in 'Fish in the Dark'

FILE - In this Sept. 29, 2013 file photo, Jason Alexander attends the First Annual SALUTE to the Playwright Honors Terrence McNally at the Saban Theatre, in Los Angeles. Larry David will hand over his starring role on Broadway to an old “Seinfeld” alum - Alexander. Producers said Thursday, March 26, 2015, that Alexander, who played the David-like George Costanza on the hit show, will replace David as Norman Drexel beginning June 9 in the comedy at the Cort Theatre. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)NEW YORK (AP) — Larry David will hand over his starring role on Broadway to an old "Seinfeld" pal — Jason Alexander.

Snoop Dogg dances to 'Bush' with help from Pharrell

American rapper Snoop Dogg performs during a Paris Fashion Week show on March 3, 2015Hip-hop giant Snoop Dogg is out with a new R&B-tinged album called "Bush." As for why he chose the title, let's just say he likes bush. Bush can have multiple meanings, and the cover of Snoop Dogg's 13th studio album offers a literal interpretation with neatly manicured shrubbery. A first single, "Peaches N Cream," builds off a funky bass line as Snoop Dogg is joined at the mic by R&B singer Charlie Wilson. Snoop Dogg has also announced the participation of R&B legend Stevie Wonder on the album.

Stephen King gets no apology from Maine governor
CUMBERLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he doesn't owe Stephen King an apology.
Oscar-winning Cotillard to take Joan of Arc to New York

French actress Marion Cotillard will play Joan of Arc with the New York Philharmonic in a production of Arthur Honegger's oratorioFrench actress Marion Cotillard will play Joan of Arc with the New York Philharmonic in a production of Arthur Honegger's oratorio, the orchestra announced Thursday. Cotillard, who won an Oscar for portraying singer Edith Piaf in the movie "La Vie en Rose," will perform in "Joan of Arc at the Stake" for the New York Philharmonic's season finales from June 10-13. The performances mark the US premiere of director Come de Bellescize's production of "Joan of Arc at the Stake," which opened in Japan in 2012 at Seiji Ozawa's Saito Kinen festival and recently toured France with Cotillard.

With 'Downton Abbey's coming demise, here are 5 past deaths

This photo provided by courtesy of MASTERPIECE shows, Dan Stevens, left, as Matthew Crawley, and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley, in season 6 of the television series, "Downton Abbey." While announcing on Thursday, March 26, 2015, that next season's "Downton Abbey" will be its last, executive producer Gareth Neame declined to say who among the Crawley clan and staff will survive until the series' final fade-out. (AP Photo/Courtesy MASTERPIECE)NEW YORK (AP) — While announcing on Thursday that next season's "Downton Abbey" will be its last, executive producer Gareth Neame declined to say who among the Crawley clan and staff will survive until the series' final fade-out.

Review: Eubanks, Jordan display special chemistry on new CD
Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan, "Duets" (Mack Avenue)
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