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ALIAS: Just Plain Chuck
WHERE WERE YOU BORN: Cheyenne Wyoming (it's the capitol of Wyoming, woot)
NUMBER OF CANDLES ON YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY CAKE: 46 Years young, I have KISS albums older than you...
SERVED TIME IN: Cheyenne, started my radio career on the 750 Watt Blowtorch KRAE
FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Like my Grandfather used to tell me, we all like different things... If that weren't true, all the men in the world would be chasing after your Grandma"
PETS, PIERCINGS, OR OTHER THINGS THAT START WITH THE LETTER P: Recently lost my beloved Pit Bull Mauly...(R.I.P. God, needed a watchdog) I have 7 holes in my body that nature didn't put there. PALINDROME
FAVORITE DRINKS: Budweiser, I do not care for your fancy homemade pumpernickel stout
WHEN BORED I : Play Words with Friends, I will anihillate you, find me by searching for "Chuck Short"
MOST ANNOYING THING TO SAY TO ME: "I can barely make one of those things go up and down" (it's a yo-yo thing, you wouldn't understand)
DO YOU HAVE A SECRET OTHERS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW:I was the California State Yo-yo Champion in 1996, and a 2009 Inductee into the Nevada Broadcasting Hall of Fame...
MENTOR- WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO: Phil Buckman, the bass player of Filter, among ten thousand other things I wish I were, and Max Volume and Jave Patterson, Rawk Gawds...
YOUR BEST QUALITY: My sons Grayson and Holden
YOUR WORST QUALITY: Being a grammar and spelling Nazi
YOUR WORST FEAR: Do not care for worms
WHAT THREE WEBSITES DO YOU VISIT THE MOST: Facebook, www.yoyoguy.com www.cometorockandrollbingoeverythursdaynightatrumbullionsatthesilverlegacyormyfamilywillhavetomakeourownshoes.com

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