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Shane Whitecluod Bio!

NAME: Shane Whitecloud, both on and off air
ALIAS: Reno’s Resident Rock Star (title created by Jave Patterson in 2006)
SERVED TIME IN: US Navy 1994-1998 SARS
FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Wash your hands before you point your finger at me
PETS, PIERCINGS, OR OTHER THINGS THAT START WITH THE LETTER P: French Bulldog named Motown, I'm Covered in piercings and tattoos, I'm a performer in both music and acting, and proud papa of two beautiful boys, Verse (4) and Michael (19).
FAVORITE DRINKS: Jagerbombs, Mocha Coconut Frapp from Starbucks
FAVORITE FOODS: All food except brussel sprouts and beets, mostly german food, lobster, and sushi – if it tastes good, I’ll eat it
WHEN BORED I (FILL IN THE BLANK): I like to play games when I’m bored, like World of Warcraft and PS3, and I love doing audio production and writing songs. I also LOVE watching movies!
MOST ANNOYING THING TO SAY TO ME: “You can’t do it” or “You’re living in a dream and need to wake up” or “Grow up”
DO YOU HAVE A SECRET OTHERS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: I love country music and can sing it better then rock….shh
MENTOR- WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO: My father for his musical talent, my son for his innocent care-free life right now, my boss and co-workers for being so awesome on the radio and constantly challenging me to be a better DJ, and my band members for being so damn talented
YOUR BEST QUALITY: my honesty, being a good father, songwriting, cooking, and being a daydreamer/hopeless romantic.
YOUR WORST QUALITY: quick to frustration/temper, always looking for approval, and my general health (Crohns Disease).
YOUR WORST FEAR: Disappointing those who are closest to me
WHAT THREE WEBSITES DO YOU VISIT THE MOST: Facebook, Reverbnation, Netflix.com
A FEW ITEMS ON MY BUCKET LIST: Learn to fly a plane, Perform in front of over 3,000 screaming (happily) fans, Act in a movie with a major star, Leave a lasting, good impression on everyone I meet!

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