Fatguy's Xmas Tunes

Fatguy's Guide To Some "Other Cool Xmas Music" To Unwrap Presents or Boobs To

The entire reason I'm doing this stupid list is because it's 3am and I'm and I want to share this song with you guys but I can't stare it on our FB page for two reasons...mostly because it says Fuck every other word.  This is the greatest Christmas song EVER from a dude that goes by Chrdbump.  It's seriously Amazinaballs

  • If you are into acts like Sinatra or Bing Crosby and wanna feel a little Rat Pack in your package unwraping mix my buddy Wes Styles put together a cool "Very Swingin' Styles Christmas Setlist For You"  Click Here
He is single ladies

Dustin Kensrue

  • Dustin Kensrue is the lead singer for a band called Thrice! ( A Band I'm A huge fan of) but on the side he is an amazing acoustic artist and he has a great Christmas CD out and you can listen to it on Spotifiy...I Made a Playlist For it 

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