Deidre’s Bio!


NAME: Deidra Leigh

ALIAS: Weedra also The Denmother of iniquity

WHERE WERE YOU BORN: Treasure Island, San Francisco CA.

NUMBER OF CANDLES ON YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY CAKE: 40, Im over the hill but there is a stripclub and rock station on the other side so its OK!

SERVED TIME IN: The adult entertainment and radio industries! Apparently I got life!

FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Its not WHAT you do, its HOW you did it. OR, You are NOT a rockstar until someone ELSE says you’re a rockstar~i.e. rumors don’t count if you start them yourself!

PETS, PIERCINGS, OR OTHER THINGS THAT START WITH THE LETTER P: I have a BIRD and a BELLYBUTTON ring and a Beautiful Babyboy named Billy! Oh, ..P….I drive a PT cruiser and it’s a piece of poo to try to repair.

FAVORITE DRINKS: MARGARITAS and any other slushie drinks that contains alcohol!

FAVORITE FOODS: Mexican, Italian, Asian and Cheeseburger and in that order

WHEN BORED I (FILL IN THE BLANK): take a nap or workout doing tae kwon do, don’t enjoy filling in blanks.

MOST ANNOYING THING TO SAY TO ME: depends on my mood and who Im talking to. Some annoy me every time they open their mouth. But guaranteed are ‘is this your only job’ and ‘what does your boyfriend think of you doing this’.

DO YOU HAVE A SECRET OTHERS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: Despite my occupations Im actually a shy person. Im either in Dancehall Deidra mode or Im the wallflower in the corner. The medical/military field would have been my second choice of occupation.

MENTOR- WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO: Anyone who has spent time serving our country and Robin Williams, Alice Cooper and Liz Taylor.

YOUR BEST QUALITY: Im always happy, on time and low maintenance.

YOUR WORST QUALITY: Not a fan of housework, Im great at working, just not at home. I do it but I don’t like it and if I leave a spot or two~grab a crayon and connect them!

YOUR WORST FEAR: Don’t have any real FEARS but I hope Jesus hurries the hell up, Im tired of talking/hearing about it.

WHAT THREE WEBSITES DO YOU VISIT THE MOST: Facebook, and news websites.