What You Need To Know About The Boob

One of the arts of radio/broadcasting is to basically spread information through repetition without sounding redundant.  One of the more fun topics I have had has been our public service announcement regarding the Mammovan; lets face it, everyone likes boobs! From candidly describing the torturous procedure itself using tractor tires and vices, to renaming the van the “BOOBYMOBILE” and singing the ditty “The boobies on the bus go round and round, the Mammovan is back in town!” (AAAaannd its stuck in my head again!), I’m happy to say I FINALLY got off my butt to get my own boobs mashed- that’s the uncomfortable reality of a breast exam, guys!

photo: Paul White

photo: Paul White

In ’05 I had a breast augmentation, so I knew then that there may be deflation challenges down the road. Now, 13 years later, I’m THRILLED to find that not only is the exam not as aggressive as it used to be, there are a few different procedures they use to get more accurate results.  Since new science information says that ‘cancer’ as a cell resides in ALL of us, it is our immunity system that we must keep up with while keeping bad habits down…YOU know, ALL of the fun ones. Breast cancer is NOT exclusive to women, but a history of breast cancer, age, previous radiation to the chest and dense breast tissue are other factors.

The Sonocine’ is an ultra sound- quick, cold and painless and the method for first exam at Renown in ’14. Everything looked good!  LAST YEAR, my Dr. insisted that I get the mamogram. So, I scheduled one with Reno Diagnostic center on 6th street in Reno- super nice gals, short, sweet and to the point.   YES, I SAID, SHORT, SWEET AND TO THE POINT!  I had to stand at an angle (not like I don’t do that ANYWAY) while she tucked my implant back a bit, squeezed my boob into the plastic boob vice, informed me that I was going to feel a little pressure, perhaps pain and to just breathe and stand still.    So…. I stood there….  Waiting for pressure or pain…(thinking “are they gonna charge me extra for pressure or pain or is this it??!!”)  4 photos OR Xrays on each side and BAM, just like that, we were done!

The NEW procedure gives you a 3D image of the inside of your breast!  My health coverage covered the mammogram and Sonocine’ while the 3 D diagram was an extra $70 out of my own pocket.  Well, I thought, of ALL the modelling I’ve done and pictures I have of my boobies….  a  3 dimensional 8X10 glossy  of the INSIDE of them is ONE that I DON’T have!  Ill pass this year…  thank you though!

The fact is that 30% of tumors found will go away all on their own. Some studies say the toxic effects of mammogram radiation may be a significant factor IN the development of breast cancer and doing more harm than good….  Enter the world of 3 D Virtual boob exploration!
Or, be smart and just go get the information to make an appointment and get YOUR tata’s checked at any of these locations/sites: