Reno Resident’s Take On Death And What’s Next

It started with my X husband, October 11th of ’15. I received a phone call from Texas saying that at the age of 52, he had passed away from acute heart failure. He didn’t take care of himself and truth is, he was very abusive to his health and the mental health of those around him.

Then it began…

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Friends, acquaintances, co-workers and family by way of accidents, suicides, murders, old age and health issues~ DEAD! I’m almost 48 and in the last 3 years the count has risen to well over 80+ people who are no longer with us.

I personally have never been with anyone ‘AS’ they passed. I have only been present in one instance of putting an animal down and that was fairly recent. I’ve dealt with a lot of death after the fact, and hearing many stories from others gives me a morbid curiosity. I’m not religious, but I am very spiritual, as in super sensitive. I can feel people even after death, which as a child scared the hell out of me. As I got older and came to understand what was going on, I adapted, but even in understanding, I’m still curious. I’ve NEVER been a fan of organized religion- after all, look what religion has done in regard to violence.

Last night I received a call detailing a story of how, for the last few days, even as he was still walking around and carrying on in life, this individual would slip in and out of lucidity. When he stepped OUT (as it were) he would start carrying on conversations with people from his past who had been dead for years and years. My mother also had the SAME series of stories about my grandmother when she passed. Seldom am I overly sad for those who cross over unless it is a murder, accident, illness, child or pet as the rest have usually lived a full life. I’m just morbidly curios of what really goes on. They say life is eternal, but then comes all the crap about how to keep the corpse so I can live in it again! Uh, no thanks. I’m well on my way to wearing this one out and the worms I don’t know about wont bother me. My angels eased my fear of death and dying by allowing me to remember HOW I died~ Drowning hurts like hell, as does being shot, and the guillotine made me think it was going to hurt as my head hit the bottom of the basket. NOPE! It didn’t, and my grandmother said it was just like walking through a door into another room.

What are your thoughts about death and the hereafter? Watch the video below for some morbid inspiration!

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