Favorite Song Ever… this week! Godsmack – Come Together

So I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favorite new songs that are making their way up the charts these days… its become one of my favorite parts of my day! This week we are going to dive head first into a cover of the Beatles, Godsmack has released a hard cover of Come Together!

This song has been out since summer 2012 on the Live & Inspired album… not sure why it’s becoming so popular now but I’m not complaining. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my Father and even though Aerosmith covered this same song 9 years after the original I think this version being slightly harder is a huge improvement. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for well done covers much like Disturbed’s cover of Simon & Garfunkle’s “Sound of Silence” and the just released last saturday the 25th Bobaflex – Hey You. Expect a new Bobaflex album before the end of summer!

What are some of your favorite cover songs??? List them in the comments below!

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