What Nevadans Google Searched The Most For Cinco De Mayo

Secretly searching Cinco De Mayo?  It’s the 5th of May~Horayyyy! In America, it’t not like we actually NEED an excuse to party and carry on but, IF WE DO, Get the hell our of our way!!

This year, however…. some may have guilt… OR NOT! Nothing a bit of tequila, salt and a slice of lime won’t cure. But what is OUR state Googling, guzzling or pandering the MOST this Cinco De Mayo? You MAY be surprised…
The Top 3 states that searched ‘Tequila’ are on the WEST coast (you drunks!).
Oregon has the Salsa as long as Idaho brings the beer!

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Short of tequila anejo with lime and salt over gray metal table

And Nevada…Trump Towers Grill? Really?!

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