(Shakespearean like, ask yourself~) To Spit or to Swallow… The nutritional value of Seeds!!

RaAAWwTt!!  Whacha got there??

Seeds….!!  They just seem to get in the way!  Your teeth, your straws, your throat or you have to avoid your fingers to cut around them (just don’t smoke’em!).  One of the big GMO niceties are Seedless watermelons and the multi convenient No seed, Easy Peel cutie tangerines(MY MOM SAID all the vitamins are in the peels~Ppphht!) AND NO GMO’s!  Confused yet?!  What I don’t swallow, I put around my eyes…  Here we go!   Sesame, Chic Seed, Flax seed, Sunflower, Pomegranate-High in antioxidants… am I boring you yet?  LOL!  Hemp seeds- The seed for your heart!! Cleans out the arteries, good for general cardiovascular health and protein!  PUMPKIN SEEDS-HALLOWEEN, there is no irony here!!  Natures Energy Pill!! Vitamin B, Zinc, Amino Acids and TRYPTOPHAN which relaxes you too!  Xanax in a seed!

Bunch of the pumpkin seed

But Wait, there are more!! And its GOOD, in fact ITS GREAT!  It’s the seed we ALL hate the most!  Now your are thinking…”Well, that could be a toss up!”, and yes, it is… But what IS the seed we hate the most…?  Citrus!  YES!  Not only does it clog your Margarita, Kamikaze and Tequila Sunrise straw, they float around in your Coronas and Bud lime, THEN, when you are trying to get sober and drinking lemon water they are all in your ice, straw and under your tongue!  Like the dry penicillin pill you cant seem to swallow to cure your tonsillitis because you cant swallow, so you gag….   Well, next time, Remember this: JUST SWALLOW~ and know they are great for you!  And its good practice!  After all, WATERMELONS have a LOT of seeds…>evil giggle here<

Four young cute funny girls eating watermelon over wooden background

Watermelon seeds are WONDERFUL!!  Eaten just like Sunflower seeds if cooked and EVEN if not…  Water is wet so swallow those seeds~Fiber, HUGE in B complex, Zinc and PROTEIN!! Another ENERGY pill…  seed..  just swallow!

Pear~ some B vit but has cyanide, just don’t eat a lot.

Papaya~ has an alkaloid that KILLS PARASITES like WORMS and Stuff!

Apple a day keeps the Dr away– LOTS, as in EVERY CANCER FIGHTING, GROWTH EATING, LUMP MUNCHING ANTIOXIDANT ASS OF CANCER KICKING ENZYME of anti cancer in them….  Sorry bout that…

The Biggest~ AVOCADOS! (Dear Mom, Quit trying to grow Avocado trees! Thank You~The Avocados!  P.S. The tooth picks hurt!)

I take my seeds and set them on the towel rack for about 2 weeks, put them in a plastic sandwich bag and wrap a towel around it(this is my actual free lance ritual, not using references) Beat the thing to hell.   I grab my little food processor and dump in my fav spices, give it a whirl and TA DAH!

NUTS IN NEVADA?? What have WE got??  PINE NUTS from the PYNION PINE TREE!!~ Pinus monophylla is a Great Basin tree, and you’ll find it on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada in California, almost all of Nevada and Arizona, and all of western and southern Utah.

Oh Hell!  I forgot POTATOES!  Wash them well and eat the skins!!  Best ever, unscathed knuckles and fiber galore!

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OR If you are a fun gi and like Mushrooms… just sayin..