The Generator~~ Ground zero for Burning Man and Amazing community Co-op for Learning and Creativity!

While funding keeps getting cut for education, especially in the area of industrial arts, arts and the other main educational building blocks that we need to learn to BULD or GROW Anything, its refreshing and reassuring to find that there is a place here in Reno that I swung in to (Being punny is fun!) that offers an AMAZING variety of it ALL of the ABOVE AFORDABLY!!  The Generator is a non profit organization that gives locals in our community the opportunity to not only work on their own projects but get involved in other artistic and cultral events!  Do you need a place to make a piece of furninture from an old weathered tree stump you found OR machine out a car part for a classic rod that they simply dont make parts for any more and you cant find?  How about helping out on some of the art projects for Burning man or if you just want to learn how to weld and do metal fabrication or how to build a greenhouse to grow food year round!  Silk dancing, Fire spinning and soon, rumor has it, perhaps an available TRAPEEZE~Things just got super real for me!! Im doing silk dancing and my son wants to learn to weld.. so here we go…  updates to come!!  Check out these pics of a groovy place to learn, be creative and get to know the people WHO are your neighborhood…. in your neighbor hood…  In..Your.. NEIGHBORHOOD!!

  Find out where all of this is happening     Check out the silk dance class I did


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