New MUSE-ic Video “Dig Down” Looks 1980s Max Headroom Meets Resident Evil…

So Muse dropped a song and video and it’s full of epic apocalyptic badassery. The video opens with a small low res screen in what seems to be a public space displaying information about uploading your consciousness.   Next you see Matt Bellamy show up looking Max Headroom-esque on all the screens for the remainder of the video moving to the pulsing bass line.  The room gets darker as Matt starts singing about struggles that you must “Find a way” through. This is also the first time that you are introduced to the female lead Lauren Wasser. She lost a leg from toxic shock syndrome as you will see in the video. This doesn’t stop her from looking deadly and graceful like Alice from Resident Evil series throughout the video.  The last line in the first verse of the video seems to be a reference to the current presidency. You hear Matt say “When GOD decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way… Face a firing squad, against all the odds, you have found a way.” This leads into the chorus of “Dig Down” that seems very gospel mixed with 80s gothy new wave style.  There is some serious female badassery for the rest of the video. Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments section.

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