Should Reno High School Seniors Serve Two Years In The Military

My answer is a two part. I support the idea because it provides structure and installs responsibility and work ethic, it provides them with $45,000 to be applied towards college, gives them steady pay and benefits from day 1, and gives them something to be proud of, AND not every job in the military requires carrying a gun on the frontline, such as cooks, lawyers, medical/health care professions, etc.

But for me to fully back this would also be like me backing the draft in the Vietnam era. Kids (let’s face the truth, at that point they still are kids/young adults) need to be given the right to choose, because that’s what we as veterans and active duty military fought for…the right to choose. And if one or more of those young adults choose more dangerous occupations within the military (not everyone wants to be a cook), I don’t want to be held responsible because of the choice they made.

There isn’t a blanket statement for ALL youth…so saying “kids are too damn disrespectful/privileged/entitled/etc” isn’t a fair statement because I know quite a few who are downright amazing young adults. For me at 17, it was an option I decided to exercise because I wanted to see the world, follow in my father’s footsteps, and get out of the small town I was in that eventually would have trapped me into flipping burgers for minimum wage…and I wanted to be a part of something bigger. I was an asshole when I was a teenager, and the military straightened me out pretty quick while also instilling a sense of honor and integrity.

What are YOUR thoughts, and why? Keep it clean, no inappropriate or slanderous remarks towards others who comment!