My Favorite Song EVER… this week Royal Republic – Baby

I dig a lot of European rock groups like Volbeat, Ghost, Avatar and a bunch of others… so when I hear that Royal Republic had a new song out, I had to check it out. The track “BABY” off their album Weekend Man really illustrates the overall fun nature of the band. They have a distinctly 70’s rock sound that was common right before the big hair movement.  The music video really showcases their over the top energy with a 70’s roller disco theme… and the added lyrics scrolling across the screen as they say “She’s Not Yo” state “Cheese Nacho” and you will want to say it like that for the rest of the song followed by the repetitive “Bay bubba bay bubba baby” in the hook will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Perfect feel good song for summer! Enjoy!

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