Reno’s Local Lick Of The Week (September 11-September 15, 2017)



Kut-Pile has been performing in the area for 12 years now.  “What is unique about our situation is that we are not only band mates, but we all grew up together as well.  Our recent new addition to bass guitar Ron Crockett is the fifth member we have been looking for.  We also changed singers about 3 years ago but also have known Steven for many years so his transition was incredibly smooth. This guy is the real deal.  He puts Kut-Pile into the exact sound we were going for.”  

Picture taken by John Tuckness


Founding members of the band are Jesse Rollins, Wesley Deputy, and Charles Untereiner.  “We believe this song is going to put us where we need it to, and we are exited to see if people who are gonna listen think that this “local” band just transformed into something more.  We all write the music together.  Everyone plays a crucial role in song writing and I think that is what makes us so tight with each other.” 


Members are as follows:

Steven Blummer- Vocals

Jesse Rollins- Drums

Wesley Deputy- Rhythm Guitar

Charles Untereiner- Lead Guitar

Ron Crockett- Bass Guitar

Kut-Pile has a show coming up on September 16th in Tahoe

Remember, support local live music, because your favorite band in the entire world was once a local band too!

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