These Towns In Nevada Have The Strangest Names You’ll Ever See

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I grew up on the East coast, where towns have names that use”ville” and “town” a lot, (Bridgetown, Morristown, Amityville, Pleasantville..). When I moved to Nevada 15 years ago, I had to learn how to pronounce a lot of town names that were just strange! I’m going to list a few of the ones I found strange, or funny. I wonder how many off the map towns in Nevada, with strange names, I haven’t learned of yet!

Here’s some of the town names I’ve had to either ask how to pronounce, or laughed doing so:

  1. Lousetown – (pronounced LOUSE {like Grouse} town)  A real ghost town, outside of Virginia City. This is where ya went if you had bugs, back in the day. Glad that’s now a ghost town!
  2. Winnemucca – Ok, this one was a name I had to ask about. Turns out the town was named after one Chief Winnamucca, whose name means “one moccasin.”
  3. Pahrump – I know NV natives who have trouble with this one. Great place to see off road racing!
  4. Steamboat – Where’s the water.. Oh, it’s a hot spring. No boats here.
  5. and finally, Deeth –  Who knows where it got it’s name, but it’s a strange one, with a few tales about it’s origin. The first story does indeed relate to death. The story goes that travelers without enough water would certainly meet their death in this inhospitable region (the northeast part of the state).  How we got from “death” to “deeth,” though, isn’t quite as clear.The second is that the town was named after an early settler named Deeth.


What town names in Nevada made you say ‘What’? Any I missed? Comment below~