[VIDEO/AUDIO] Reno Listeners Hear Something They Didn’t Hear…Or Did They?

I’m 42 years old, and as far back as I can remember there were always staples within childhood television programs. Popular Saturday morning cartoons like He-Man, GI Joe, Voltron, Tom and Jerry, etc and channels like Nickelodeon, Disney, and HBO provided hours of entertainment. Over the last few years, several of those childhood programs have come under fire such as Looney Tunes coming under fire for promoting gun violence and racism. More recently Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie were accused of being a gay couple. Everyone deserves love…even puppets! Today, Sesame Street goes viral once again, but this time because viewers are having a hard time understanding the lovable long-standing character, Grover. You can view the video below and form your own opinion, but he’s either saying “Yes, yes that sounds like and excellent idea!” which makes more sense given the type of show…or he’s saying “That’s a f**king excellent idea”. The issue arose recently on Reddit when a user posted a video clip of the (possibly) offensive comment. It’s likely all in the ear of the beholder, as many Redditors point out. “If you’re hearing Grover cuss,” writes one, “it’s because you want to.” (Remember the white dress/blue dress controversy?)

My thoughts? I think it’s hilarious either way. Watch the video below and let me know…what are your thoughts?


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