Dave Grohl stage dives…almost

The Foo Fighters performed a couple nights ago at a JBL-sponsored concert during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas because that’s the type of thing they do. During the show, Dave Grohl totally ate shit.

Mid-guitar solo, Grohl motions toward a crowd member who passes the frontman a can of beer. Grohl, realizing a nearby speaker stood conveniently head-high, placed the beer atop the monitor and attempted to sip while strumming. It didn’t go very well, as Grohl headbutted the can and spilled possibly 50 cents worth of suds, so our protagonist grabbed the can and chugged.

Disaster struck when Grohl tried to step back up on stage. You can watch what happened below. Thankfully no one was hurt, and Grohl recovered and kept playing like a pro.

Please enjoy!


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