The Best Automotive Tip To Know This Time Of Year In Reno

The Sierra is rough country for cars. The inclines can do damage to transmissions, the salts and sand on the road in the winter can chip paint and lead to undercarriage rust, spring potholes can take out rims and how many times have you gotten a pebble kiss on your front windshield thanks to the larger rocks left behind from winter sanding?

All that said, we often forget that the crazy temperature swings can reek havoc on tires. In fact, just last month, after being snowed in up at Kirkwood, I got to my car to see the tire pressure had gone from 35 psi to 26 psi overnight. This is due to the fact that hot air moves faster and takes up more space than cold air. You can even try this science experiment at home. Just boil a 1/2 gallon of water, then put it into a one gallon milk jug and close the lid. As the liquid cools, and air cools, you’ll notice the milk jug collapsing in on itself!

So, NOW IS THE TIME to change the air out of your tires from Winter Air to Summer Air. Just head to any tire shop locally and they should do it for you as a complimentary service. Check out the scientific video on the process below!