Carson City Bug Man Sets World Record

I’m not a fan of tattoos, not because I don’t like the body art, but because I’m a self-proclaimed ‘wuss’ and can’t do needles. I’m also not a fan of bugs (who is?), especially when the bug is an ant, thanks to multiple ant-vs-me battles growing up in South Texas. Seriously, ant hills would travel overnight and appear, in LARGE forum (think 6 to 10 inch high by 12-14 inch radius mounds that travel) where you’d least expect them, just waiting for a foot to get close enough for a million ant attack!
According to Carson Now, there’s a dude down in Carson City who REALLY loves both. In fact, he’s love ’em so much so, he’s now a World Record holder for the most bug tattoos on the human body after he endured 5 artists poking him over a three hour span to tattoo 420 (is there a joke here?) ants traveling around his body! Click the link above for the full story.
Congrats to Joshua Thornton of Skeleton Skin Tattoo for being the new Nevada Bug Man!