Jave Patterson Talks To Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch About New Album

Korn is in Reno this Saturday night (2/29/2020). In advance of the show, Jave spoke with Brian Welch about a number of topics including how they still find the angst to write music after three decades as a band.  “Well, there’s a lot of other things in life that can wrong. And when you have money, it’s not like everything’s perfect. Like, our latest record, our singer’s [Jonathan Davis] wife passed away during the writing of the record, so that’s where we got the angst for the last record [2019’s ‘The Nothing’]. The couple of records before that, when I just rejoined and everything, it was him really getting his aggressions out on the fact that she was very sick and she was a massive addict. Then we was writing songs a lot about that. The dude is tortured soul, man. I’m telling you. In order to be Jonathan Davis, he needs to go through all this trauma. But all of us in life go through shit, so that’s what we’ve done with our band — is process pain.”

Check out the entire interview below: