Play COVID-19 “Take Out Bingo”

We’re doing our best to support the local economy during this challenging period, but there’s a lot of confusion about what’s open, and what’s not.

So we scoured the internets, and put together this (hopefully) fun way to let you know about some of the eateries that are still serving.

Now, obviously, this situation is changing moment to moment (and our space is limited), but as of publication, these restaurants are offering take-out, and / or curbside service.

Plus, Tuesday is the “Great American Take-Out“, where we’re being encouraged to order at least one meal from a local restaurant to help your friends and neighbors make it through this period.

So, print out your bingo card and get to eatin’!

BTW – If you get a “Bingo”, you don’t win anything . . . other than a full belly, and the knowledge that you helped local businesses stay afloat during this difficult time.